GinDesk 110W

GinDesk 110W Tactical Table is an exclusive coffee table that fits into any home or office. Due to its larger interior space, larger objects can be hidden in it.

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We pride ourselves on first-class quality, therefore the conference table is made of a very durable and solid wood material, which is coated with a lacquer in a semi-gloss finish. Being made in the Czech Republic, directly under our hands, we can guarantee its quality workmanship. The proof that we stand for quality is the lifetime warranty provided to our customers.
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Safety is number one. The desk is equipped with a security RFID lock that can only be opened with a card or chip. The opening is very fast, reliable and you can get your valuables immediately. If you keep one or two weapons at your desk, you also comply with the Act on Weapon Custody in the Czech Republic.
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Types of use

The great advantage of the GinDesk tactical table is its versatility. Almost anything can be hidden in it. PUR foam is a part of it. (weapons, watches, jewelry, ...). If you want to store money or documents, you can put them in the table without foam. One of the many other options is to place the shielding case in which you put your phones before the meeting and the meeting information cannot be tapped.
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High-quality German fittings ensure smooth table opening.
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The GinDesk table is equipped with LED lighting (4x AAA batteries) with a sensor that lights up when opened with the sensor.
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Since it is an exclusive product, it also has an exclusive packaging. We deliver the table in a stylish chipboard box that imitates a weapon storage box. GinSafe delivers and underlines the symbolic icing on the cake.

1000 Euro with VAT

The table is available in two colors - black or white.
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Brno, Czech Republic